5 SEO Tips & Secrets

Hello, this article was created to offer a few basic tips & secrets that are often overlooked when building a new website or online marketing strategy with SEO. This article was not written for expert SEO providers, this should be considered fairly obvious to you if that is you. However, if you are just getting started online with SEO – then you should absolutely read on.

The idea of SEO (search engine optimization) is to create enough quality content, delivered consistently, over a period of time to build authority with your specific search terms. This builds over time to help encourage Google and other search engines to consider your content and business when users are searching.

Getting Started with 5 SEO Tips & Secrets

  • Onsite META data

    This one seems pretty obvious, but since the advent of so many SEO plugins I have heard a general belief that each page is automatically optimized to get extract the best information. This is not true. You should review every page on your website and build a title and description strategy for each page; with each page focusing on a single keyword. The meta data can help Google and other search engine bots understand more about the website and page content. It is important not to spam or overuse a keyword, this will hurt you more than help you. You should limit titles and descriptions to fit within the proper length of Google’s search engine results placement.

  • Onsite Images and SLI

    Your onsite SEO is just part of the overall strategy for SEO. Step one is to ensure your META data is setup correctly for each page on your website. Next is to ensure that your images are using the best or proper ALT tags. This is a description of the image, but should also match the primary focus keyword of your page, to create an additional impact – make sure the name of the image is based on the keyword, such as seo-tips-and-trick.jpg. Use “-“, not “_”. Next is to add SLI (semantically latent index) terms – this is basically similar words that Google will use to build relevance. There are a number of free tools that can help you determine the best SLI terms available. The key is to not over do it.

  • Blogging & Content Marketing

    Your website should never be considered an online brochure or business card. If you do, it will slowly die off and users will never find content that will drive them to your business. You need an effective blogging and content marketing strategy that is designed to generate organic website traffic based on content and keywords that impact your business. Your content marketing strategy should focus on a number of channels: blogging, images, videos and more. Ultimately, the bottom line in building an effective content marketing strategy is based on – quality content, delivered consistently and overtime. This builds authority more than anything else.

  • Social Proof and Sharing

    Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer link sharing tools that allow you to post a link to your most recent blog article. If you are not sharing every single blog post on these 3 social media channels and optimizing the posts – then you are missing out on potential branding and exposure. Social Media proof can help accelerate the articles scan by search engine bots, generate more brand exposure or possible article sharing by other users. This does not cost money, just adds a bit of time to ensure you are sharing the link to your audience and friends. Make sure you have the proper OG data setup so that Facebook, etc. pull in the best representation of your article.

  • Content Syndication

    This doesn’t work for everyone, but it will generate a tremendous amount of traffic and opportunity for those in specific target niches. Content syndication is done by partnering with platforms like Outbrain; which will post and link to your article from a number of similar blogs and websites online. You can work through their advanced segmentation system to maximize your exposure based on the most appropriate partner websites. It is important to note that your CTR and Time on Site really matter – so good traffic is better than lots of traffic when it comes to SEO.

SEO is a delicate mixture of Art and Science and there is no firm that owns or dominates SEO for any real length of time. Our team is all about consistency, quality and time. While we would love to guarantee results, we cannot – however, we are very much results oriented and track the positions, traffic and goals generated through SEO. In most cases, we have been able to improve our clients SEO positions and in some cases absolutely dominate entire locations or industries.

Bonus: Automated Content Marketing

Content Marketing is something that our company has been doing for nearly a decade. We have also focused on creating blogs that offered a level of quality that would engage website visitors to read and in many cases share. There are a number of companies now that offer content marketing and there are a number of strategies and prevailing concepts to “win” at content marketing and SEO. In early 2017, our company began the redevelopment of a system that offers an amazing opportunity for automated content marketing. This tool helps build brands, key terms and exposure for a number of our existing clients. Ultimately, the idea of content marketing automation is to provide a tool which can deliver content (articles/blogs), consistently (1 or 2 times per week) and over time (6 months straight). This method has helped build #1 positions for a number of our clients in hyper competitive key term races.

This tool is a great solution for any sized business that is looking to either start their SEO strategy or to push it to the next level. This can be used to push content directly to your website or to Tier 2 SEO websites that are designed to have a focal key term or group of keywords that are ultimately directed to your primary website.

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Online Marketing Automation : Next Article (in advance)

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