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Welcome, we hope that this article will provide at least one nugget of information that will help you in your journey with your online marketing and Local SEO. The list that follows is a simple primer of small items that we often run into with new clients. The most critical piece to understand about local SEO is simply: consistency. Authority is built through consistency.

The content matters like anything else; however – the best content in the world is limited when there is no consistent push to build the brand and voice in the local market. Local SEO is all about providing regular updates and communicating to your audience and potential audience regularly.

Local SEO has mostly become synonymous with leveraging the Google 3-pack. Having your Google My Business listing optimized to capture a piece of the massive search volume that pours through Google each month.

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Getting Started with 5 Local SEO Tips & Tricks

  • Claim and Verify Your Listing

    It is critical and necessary to claim (or create) your business listing and then verify it with Google (GMB). Once your listing is claimed and verified, you can begin editing information like your business hours, other hours, business descriptions, categories and more. Everything starts with a claimed and verified listing!

  • Optimize Your Listing

    We cannot express this one enough – so often – business owners and even “experts” jump straight to the meaty parts of Local SEO – however, having a listing profile which is optimized will help your visitors find the information they need quickly! Optimization is simply focusing on the Profile Info elements and making sure that you have completed each element if they apply. Having a complete description, business hours, holiday schedule, etc. helps ensure that customers will find the most accurate version of your business on Google.

  • Photos

    Photos help users learn more about your business – your products, services or offerings. Posting photos helps Google connect your business with users in a way that allows a visual representation of what you do! UGC (user generated content) can also impact your profile – users can add their own photos of your business – this helps other understand more details about your company. The more photos you have, the better your odds of generating more business. There are a number of photo categories – inside, outside, at work and more… You should have photos in each section. Adding photos regularly helps Google connect you with potential opportunities – boosting your SEO. Use EXIF data to optimize each photo further – boosting your local SEO by adding specific GEO tags and keywords.

  • Posts

    Often times, Google Posts are either forgotten or simply unused. However, GMB drives more than 3 BILLION actions per month for businesses in the Local SEO market. Posts are a way to provide updates, offers, events and MORE! Adding posts helps keep you listing profile fresh, adding content provides context for Local SEO searches and ultimately helps Google connect their users with your business. Posts should be added regularly to ensure you are abiding by the consistency rules… Note – Update posts expire after 7 days – so make sure you are tasking yourself to add new content weekly!

  • Reviews

    Reviews can help impact a business in both positive and negative ways. Businesses with Google reviews will place higher and the higher quality of the reviews – impact the results and likelihood of users connecting with your business. Google does not oppose review solicitation / invitations as long as you abide by their rules. In fact – once you have logged into GMB – on the location Dashboard – there is a review link generator. This can be used to create a short link that you can share with clients after completing a job, or if they have some into your business. Often, that short URL can be quickly converted into a QR Code and shared at the checkout stand or on the window as customers may be leaving a business! The more you engage customers for reviews – they more reviews you will get. Don’t forget to respond – even to bad reviews. Don’t take them personally – put yourself in the customers shoes and understand their points and work to get better!

Now there is a lot more to Local SEO, however these tips & tricks will absolutely get you started with your Local SEO strategy. If you are a bit overwhelmed – we completely understand, or you simply may just be too busy to maintain an active strategy for your business. Our team is here to help – contact us today and let’s chat about how we can help your business’ local SEO strategy.

Why Local SEO Matters SO MUCH!

Local SEO has become a new go to approach for many online or internet marketing companies. The primary reason is that results can often come more quickly – however, a sloppy start or approach can also lead to problems in the future.

If you are looking to get started with Local SEO – always consider the primary channel – Google. They are looking for companies that are adding value to their user base and search results. They don’t want to bunch of stuff flooding in when it has otherwise been dry.

Think of this as an organic strategy – start and build slowly. The critical mass will come and your foundation will have been built on a nice solid plan versus something thrown together seeking quick results. Just know that you will still begin seeing results fairly quickly simply because the volume and potential is so huge! Adding posts every day won’t serve you better than a post a week if you keep repeating or regurgitating the same content and message.

Our team has help hundreds of companies. Since 1999 (before GMB), we have focused on understanding the data behind SEO strategies to get the most value from each channel. If you are looking to have an expert team manage your Local SEO, use the link below to contact us.

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